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Land Rover Advertising (Canada, Australia, USA)

Magazine ads - Canada: Series vehicles

Magazine ads - Australia
  1. Used. But Hardly (for used Range Rovers)
  2. V8 Muscle
  3. The 110 is Brilliant.
Magazine ads - USA: Defender 90
  1. 1994 - Once you step out of the new Land Rover, you're on your own
  2. 1995 - Who says the British can't cook
  3. 1995 - What to drive in places where you're the food
  4. 1995 - We'd love to tell you about the new Defender. Not now of course
  5. 1997 - Keeping people off the endangered species list since 1948
  6. 1997 - The vehicle of choice in places even tougher than the Himalayas

Magazine ads - USA: Defender 110

  1. 1992 - Own one of these legendary forms of jungle transportation

Magazine ads - North America: Discovery

  1. 1994 - Protect your family from the most dangerous animals on Earth
  2. 1995 - Inside every Discovery is an accident waiting to happen
  3. 1995 - It costs $29,350 to bring a child into the world (USA only)
  4. 1995 - It's the four wheeler of the year. In some places, it's the only vehicle of the year
  5. 1996 - Hell's Gate, Australia. Current population: seven
  6. 1996 - How to prepare the Discovery for the jungles of Madagascar
  7. 1996 - It's the shortest distance bewteen point A and point #
  8. 1996 - School in Britain is rarely cancelled
  9. 1997 - Apparently the British are great lovers
  10. 1997 - Siberian kids will be Siberian kids
  11. 199_ - Land Rovers have survived jungles, swamps, even the Kalahari. But this?
Magazine ads - North America: Range Rover
  1. 1997 - In the Hindu Kush, it's fashionable simply to arrive
  2. 1997 - It gives new meaning to the term upward mobility
Other Ads, humourous and otherwise
  1. 2005 - During Operation Desert Storm, nobody shouted ...

Note: If you have any images of missing adverts, please send a scanned image to Please scale them similar to the existing Defender, Range Rover, and Discovery adverts. Listed ads with no links exist in my collection in paper format, but the pages have not been created yet, nor images scanned (I don't have a scanner).

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