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BBC Top Gear Land Rover vid 5mb Part of a series where people picked their favourite car for an 'all-time' greats poll. The Land Rover won hands
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  • Land Rover Adventure Stories & Humor   - A growing collection of humorous Land Rover adventures and humor by people beset with a variety of observations about their favorite rides

  • Ottawa Valley Land Rovers member Murray Jackson has prepared a number of Land Rover oriented crossword puzzles as part of the Atlantic British Parts Challenge that has run in the OVLR newsletter in 1998 and 1999. These puzzles can be found on the OVLR Crossword Puzzle Page
  • Philatelic Land Rovers The first, and most comprehensive site, on Land Rovers appearing on philatelic stamp issues around the world. Postage stamps are just one of many collectibles for the hardcore Land Rover enthusiast who has some time and money to throw around after the latest engine or transmission rebuild. Likewise, Land Rovers are but one of millions of obscure topics for the philatelist. Few hobbies can provide quite the same history and geography lesson. Given that Land Rovers have been reported in every country on earth, not to mention most of the world's civil and military services, it is not surprising that so many postal services have commemorated them. The images range from superbly accurate representations of the vehicles (e.g. Tuvalu, 1985; and Ascension Island, 1996) to barely recognizable tiny cars in a larger scene (Australia, 1992)

  • Dr Who clip with Land Rovers
  • Bill Callocia's observations of the maintenance done by Dixon Kenner on the Big Green Beastie
  • The Rover's Conversion by Herbert Zipkin. An examination of the details of Herb's Expedition 109" Land-Rover. This article was originally published in Field & Stream, April 1964 and used by permission of the Zipkin family.
  • Rigging Techniques, Procedures, and Applications - a Manual published by the US Army. This is a wealth of data on rigging techniques for moving big heavy just about anything safely and securely. It contains everything from how to make rope ladders, slings and hoisting rigs of local materials to splicing rope, handling techniques for both regular and wire rope to the holding capacities of deadman weights in various soils.
  • Land Rover Names Registry - Have you named your Land Rover Fifi, Fido, or Rover? Well, here is the place to register that name you hold so dear and find out if anyone else has beat you to your tag of choice.
  • Roverhaul - Michael Williams' website detailing the restorations of his 1971 88 IIA


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