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Portland All British Field Meet 1996

Portland Oregon 1996

Dormie on foggy beach.

Alex about to be clobbered.The All British field meet took place as always, over the Labor Day weekend. We spent a leisurely week driving up to the meet with TeriAnn Wakeman and Lacy, her Irish Wolfhound puppy. Slowly we made our way up the coast, stopping to play in the ocean and browse in antique stores. TeriAnn wanted to stop at a particluar spot on the Oregon coast to take pictures, so we did. The photo above is from that spot. Alex likes to play in the ocean, so we did that also.

Land Rovers in camp.

Here's a shot of the two Land Rovers parked at Big Lagoon State campground. Believe it or not, there was a big lagoon behind the photographer; it was separated from the ocean by a big sandbar. Winter storms carry waves over the sand bar, rearranging things the way mother nature does all the time. The green "phone booth" is TeriAnn's shower; just heat some water, strip down, step inside and get clean. I can confirm that it works great.

We all got along well and arrived at Portland on Friday, ready to pick a camp site. The meet was like always: beautiful days, good company and Land Rovers! We showed the cars on Saturday and ate the BBQ dinner. After dinner, back at the campground was more eating drinking and socializing. On Sunday, I took the Dormie around the off road course.

Dormie on hill.

If you aren't used to driving a 109, let me say that the turn at the top of the hill was tight and regardless of how tall the little hill is, with a spare tire on the bonnet, it's exciting.

wide screen view.

This photo shows one of the many reasons that Portland is great. Look at the vehicles on the course. A rangie, one Defender 90, one Defender 110 and the Dormie. What a crowd.

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