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Dormobile Discussion group

Dormies on the net

The Dormobile List server MISSION:

The Dormobile_Owner_Register (DOR) is an email listserver discussion group. The purpose of the list is to converse with owners of Martin Walter Ltd. Dormobile vehicles (factory or post factory conversions) as well as people that are interested in Dormobiles. Basically this list is open to anyone who owns or has an interest in Dormobiles.

Most of the list members own Land Rover Dormobiles and are in North America.  Owners & enthusiasts of other marque Dormobiles are most welcome. This list is what those who actively participate make it.


To post a message send it to:


Joining the Dormobile_Owner_Register (DOR) is as simple as sending an email message to the following address:
The message subject can be empty but the message BODY must contain:
subscribe DOR <youremail@address>


To unsubscribe, send a message to:

with the following in the message body
unsubscribe DOR <youremail@address>


To report problems (i.e., list is down, not functioning properly, or is spamming your employer) send mail to:


The DORMOBILE list server is a primitive real time list. Messages sent to this list are immediately relayed to the members on the list. By harnessing the dynamic research, information gathering, and bridging aspects of the internet together we can:

  • find/source parts
  • chat about trips
  • plan events
  • gather Dormobile statistics
  • post classified ads to buy and sell vehicles and parts
  • discuss camping best practices
  • describe the usage of parts

There are no requirements to be on this list. Members are encouraged to provide the year make, model, and VIN of their Dormobile and Martin Walter serial number information as well as where they are from (city and state only). This is only a request and not a requirement. This list will become whatever it needs to be to meet our needs and provide enlightenment and entertainment.

Some Factory Dormobile conversions have been destroyed in accidents or have deteriorated long past the opportunity for practical restoration. Conversion kits and spares were produced at one point and these conversion kits were meant to be used, not discarded when the vehicle for which they were intended dies. So this list also welcomes those who have moved the conversion parts from a destroyed vehicle to a healthy one.

There will be commercial companies on this e-mail list. Suppliers of products for Dormobiles, or for any of the number of vehicles that Martin Walter used for Dormobile conversion, should feel free to tell us about their items for sale however, this list should not be used for blatant advertising. We request that advertising content be relevant and informative.

Happy Caravanning!


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