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Range Rover Half Shaft Seal Replacement

By Andy Grafton

The seal onto your halfshaft is buggered. I think they call it the "outer hub / axle seal" in the destruction manual.

To change it you remove the wheel, undo the brake calipers and tie them out of the way to the spring, remove the steering rods, undo the 6 bolts holding the entire swivel assembly to the axle and remove it complete with the halfshaft. The seal is fitted to the swivel housing side of the assembly, open side out, and can be removed by knocking the sides in with a screwdriver/hammer and then pulling with snipe nosed pliers. Don't try and drill holes and put a screw in because it buts against the swivel casing on the flat side. Seal is refitted as usual using the old one between it and the hammer, but more of a PITA because the halfshaft is in the way all the time.

If you can't get it out that way then you have to take the hub/bearings off, remove the stub axle, pull the CV joint complete with halfshaft and bash it out from the other side.

Remember to get yourself a gasket for where the swivel joins the axle. Locating the halfshaft in the diff on reassembly requires strength because the hub+disc+swivel housing+halfshaft weighs quite a lot.

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