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On Range Rover universal joints - a note to allay confusion:

When it comes to Range Rover Classic universal joints, the listings held by most if not all of the mainstream parts suppliers in the USA are wrong. They all list the Precision 369 as the replacement - a universal joint that is simply too wide for the yokes. This is due to confusion on their part no doubt assisted by Auntie Rover back in the late 1980s. Put simply, the universals they list are for non-catalytic-converter Range Rover as sold in the UK home market and elsewhere - not North American cars. The front prop shaft is a solid bar type on cat-equipped Range Rovers as opposed to the hollow tube type - and these use a smaller U-joint. For North American cars, the proper U-joints are Precision 344 or equivalent. These cross over to the PDQ 1-0005 and Neapco 1-0005 U-joint, and if the parts drone behind the counter needs a car model number tell him U-joints for a 1993 Volvo 240. The only difference between the Precision 344, the U-joint installed in the RR propshaft and the 1-0005 equivalent is the placement of the grease fitting - the 344 has it in the centre of the spider and the PDQ and Neapco have the fitting in the bearing cap of one of the legs. Fitting and function is identical and the positioning of the grease fitting makes no difference to the functioning of the joint. AJR, 2004

Notes: Another number/part is a Rockland 015-2007-0 which is available at Canadian Tire.

Drive Shaft Lengths:

25" - Disco 1, D90, 110, 130, D2 (although it is a different shaft),  RRC with an LT230 transfer case (up to 1988). These shafts have the u- joints clocked about 40 degrees out of phase so these shafts do not  work well in units with a standard driveshaft geometry.
26.75 - RRC with BW t/case and also clocked 40 degrees out of phase.
28 - D90 rear
34.5 - RRC, D1, D2 rear
21.75 - Series SWB rear
23.75 - Series front with 4 cylinder engine

Thanks to Bill Davis for the driveshaft lenghts info.

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