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1996 US/Canada Range Rover (Mk.2)

In 1996, the Range Rover (Mk.2) comes in two models: 4.0 SE and 4.6 HSE


  • Boxed-steel ladder frame
  • Welded steel inner body cage mounted to chassis at 10 rubber-insulated points
  • Front fenders, door skin, and tailgate outer skin panels are aluminum; the rest are double-sided zinc-coated steel.


    Type: V8 OHV, cast aluminum alloy cylinder heads and block; dry steel cylinder liners
    Compression Ratio: 9.34:1
    Fuel requirement: Unleaded - Premium
                        4.0 SE                4.6 HSE
    Displacement:       241 cu. inches        278 cu. inches
                        (3950cc)              (4554cc)
    Bore and Stroke:    3.7in x 2.8in         3.7in x 3.2in
                        (94mm x 77mm)         (94.0mm x 81.0mm)
    Maximum Power:      190 bhp @ 4750 rpm    225 bhp @ 4750 rpm
    Maximum Torque:     236 lb-ft @ 3000 rpm  280 lb-ft @ 3000 rpm


    ZF four-speed electronically controlled automatic
    Automatic four-speed and reverse, epicyclic with fluid torque converter and lockup
    4th       0.732:1
    3rd       1.000:1
    2nd       1.480:1
    1st       2.480:1
    Reverse   2.090:1

Transfer Gearbox

    Permanent four-wheel drive. Front and rear drive permanently engaged via a center (inter axle) differential that allows four-wheel drive to operate on pavement for extra security. This differential is fitted with a viscous coupling unit (VCU). Upon sensing loss of traction, the viscosity of VCU fluid increases, creating a locking effect which provides equal power distribution (50/50 torque spilt) to both drive shafts. Once traction is regained, VCU locking effect is reduced automatically.

    Transfer Gearbox Model: Borg Warner BW44-62

      Two-speed reduction via epicyclic gear and Morse Hy-Vo chain to double offset front and rear driveshafts permanently engaged for 4WD via a center differential and viscous coupling unit.

      High ratio 1.216:1, Low Ratio 3.271:1

      Overall ratio   High Range   Low Range
      (final drive)
      4th              3.143:1      8.452:1
      3rd              4.305:1     11.579:1                
      2nd              6.371:1     17.137:1
      1st             10.676:1     28.716:1
      Reverse          8.997:1     24.208:1 

Electronic Air Suspension (EAS) System

    The electronic air suspension control unit monitors level sensors at all four corners and automatically adjusts the vehicles's four springs to constantly maintain a level ride, even when fully loaded. The driver has control over suspension settings, depending on circumstances, that raise or lower the vehicle over a range of 4.9 inches (125mm).
    • Standard ride height is comparible to traditional long-travel coil springs. Standard mode is used for routine around-town driving and normal off-road conditions.
    • Low Profile is automatically assumed when the vehicle cruises above 50 mph, dropping 1 inch (25mm) for an aerodynamically lower profile. An "inhibit" switch locks out this feature for applications such as towing.
    • The driver may select the Access Mode, which will lower the vehicle 2.6 inches (65mm) to facilitate entry and exit as well as loading. Access mode may be preselected while vehicle is in motion up to 40 seconds before coming to a halt, and may be activated up to 40 seconds after the engine is shut off.
    • When approaching deep water crossings or severe off-road conditions, the driver can activate High Profile, thereby raising the vehicle 1.6 inches (40mm) and enabling it to wade in water nearly 20 inches deep.
    • A final EAS capability is Extended Profile, which will automatically cause a wheel to reach down a full 2.4 inches (60mm) from standard height to gain traction if the vehicle is high centered off-road. The suspension automatically reverts to the standard position in about 3 seconds when speed exceeds 35mph.

Electronic Traction Control

    The Range Rover 4.0 SE and 4.6 HSE are equipped with a highly sophisticated electronic traction control system. Without electronic traction control, when a wheel starts to spin, it not only loses traction itself, but it also uses all of the torque available to the axle, preventing the opposite wheel from providing grip. Electronic traction control operates by applying the brakes to the spinning wheel and transferring the torque to the other wheel on the axle. This provides torque to the wheel that can still provide grip.


  • Unbraked Trailer
    • On-Road: 1650 lb (750 kg)
    • Off-Road: 1100 lb (500 kg)
  • Trailer with Brakes:
    • Off-Road: 2200lb (1000 kg)
    • On-Road (low range): 7700lb (3500 kg)
    • On-Road (high range): 6500lb (2955 kg)


    Front Overhang: 33.9 in (862mm)
    Rear Overhang: 43.5 in (1106mm)
    Angle of Approach:
      35 degrees w/spoiler in high profile
      38 degrees w/o spoiler in high profile
    Angle of Departure: 26 degrees in high profile
    Ramp breakover angle:
      154 degrees in standard profile
      151 degrees in high profile
    Fording Depth:
      Standard height: 19.7 in (500mm)
      High profile: 21.3 in (540mm)
    Turning Circle: 39.0 ft. (11.89m)


  • Electronically controlled air suspension (EAS) with four air springs, double acting shock absorbers and height sensors.
    • Air springs, radius arms, Panhard rods, sway bar
    • ATLAS (All-Terrain Lightweight Articulation System)
    • Air springs, composite radius arms, Panhard rods
    Vertical Wheel Travel
    • 8 inches front
    • 9 inches rear


    Type, front and rear: Rigid Beam
    Ratio, Front and Rear: 3.54:1


    All-terrain anti-lock brake system (ABS). Hydraulic, power actuated, self- adjusting, four-channel, full four-wheel disc brakes incorporating electronic traction control. Drum type parking brake, operating on the transfer gearbox output shaft.
    Front: Outboard ventilated discs with 2 pistons per caliper. Disc diameter: 11.70 inches (297.2mm)
    Rear: Outboard solid discs with one piston per caliper. Disc diameter: 11.97 inches (304mm)


    Type: Power assisted re circulating ball
    Turns lock-to-lock: 3.2
    Turning circle: 39 ft (11.89m)


                4.0 SE                  4.6 HSE
                Michelin M+S radial     Pirelli Scorpion M+S radial
                Full-size spare wheel   Full-size allow spare and tire
                and tire                                   
    Tire Size   255/65R-16 H Rated      265/55R-18 H-ratedh
    Wheels      Alloy, 16 x 8 in.       Alloy, 18 x 8 in.


    Curb Weight: 4960 lb. (2252 kg)
    Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR): 6130 lb. (2780kg)
    Maximum permissible tongue weight: 550 lb. (250kg)

Vehicle Dimensions

    Overall length: 185.5in/4713mm
    Overall height: 71.6 (5ft. 11.6 in) (1817.5mm)
    Overall width: 74.4 (1880mm)
    Wheelbase: 108.1 in/2745mm
    Track front/rear: 60.6in (1540mm)/ 60.2 in/1530mm
    Ground clearance under
      Differential: 8.4 in (200mm)
      Axle: 12.2 in (310mm)
      Frame (standard height): 11.0in (280mm)
    Loading Height:
      31.1 in (789mm) in standard profile
      28.5 in (724mm) in access mode
    Rear Opening Width, upper: 37.0 in (940mm)
    Rear Opening Width, lower: 48.8 in (1240mm)
    Front Headroom: 38.1 in (967mm)
    Front Hip room: 60.9 in (1546mm)
    Front Legroom (min): 34.7 in (881mm)
    Front Legroom (max): 42.6 in (1081mm)
    Rear Headroom: 38.2 in (970mm)
    Rear Hip room: 60.9 in (1546mm)
    Rear Legroom: 36.5 in (926mm)


    Usable luggage capacity
      rear seat in use: 18.5 cu. ft. (0.52m^3)
      rear seat folded: 58.0 cu. ft. (1.64m^3)
    Maximum roof rack load: 176 lb. (80 kg.)
    Fuel Tank: 24.6 U.S. gallons/ 93 liters


  • Premium 120-watt audio system featuring AM-FM/ stereo-cassette with theft deterrent; eleven speakers, including sub woofer
  • Six-disc auto changer

Safety and Security

  • Diver and passenger airbag supplemental restraint system (SRS)
  • Side door impact beams in the front and rear doors
  • Four-channel, four wheel all-terrain anti-lock disc brake system
  • Front frame-mounted replaceable crush cans
  • Collapsible steering column
  • Anti-submarine seat frames (front and rear)
  • Front and rear outboard adjustable head restraints
  • Inertia switch (unlocks doors, turns off fuel pump, turns on hazard lights)
  • Vehicle security system with remote keyless entry
  • Removable rear load space cover
  • Rear-view mirror with automatic dimmer


  • Front Seats: 10-way electronically adjustable and heated, adjustable lumbar support, two-position memory driver's seat and door mirrors
  • Remote-activated two-position memory seat and mirrors
  • One touch open/close window and sunroof
  • Electronic cruise control
  • Air conditioning


  • Tilt and telescopic adjusting steering wheel with centrally located horn
  • Power-off delay logic for window and sunroof operation
  • Front and rear door puddle lamps
  • Power windows with backlit controls and one-touch feature on front windows
  • Central locking to all doors and tailgate
  • Full instrumentation
  • Remoter fuel filler cover release
  • Dual electrically adjustable and heated exterior mirrors
  • Heated front windshield and rear window
  • Integral Class III trailer tow hitch receiver
  • Front Spoiler with fog lamps
  • Variable front wipers with heated washer jets
  • Rear-window washer and intermittent wipers with variable delay and wiper jets
  • Twin halogen headlamps with power wash


  • Leather-faced seats and trim details
  • Burl walnut trim details on center console, fascia and door cappings
  • Body flush mud flaps (4.6 HSE only)
  • Chrome Exhaust (4.6 HSE only)


  • 3 year/42,000 miles (70,000km in Canada) new vehicle limited warranty
  • 6 year/unlimited mileage corrosion perforation limited warranty
  • Land Rover 24-Hour Road Recovery service


    Range Rover 4.0 SE
    • Alpine White with Saddle
    • Epsom Green with Saddle
    • Beluga Black with Saddle
    • Willow Green with Saddle
    • Altai Silver with Granite
    • Niagara Grey with Granite
    Range Rover 4.6 HSE
    • Rioja Red with Ash Black
    • Beluga Black with Ash Black
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