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Lucas Fuel Injection

By Kevin Kelly

Lucas 4CU multiport L-Jectronic electronic fuel injection based around a 35-pin chip was first used on the Rover 3.5L V8 in the 70's in some Rover cars (including the few Rover 3500s that were sold in the U.S.). It wasn't until '86 that the Land Rover put the Lucas FI in the Range Rover (it increased the HP from 125-165) the system was almost identical to the EFI in Rover cars but the ECU in the Range Rover was tuned differently (it had a different chip) for more low-end power and torque.

The '87-'88 NAS Range Rovers with the 3.5L engines that came to the U.S. had the Lucas 13CU Multiport Electronic Fuel Injection system with a 40 pin chip. The Lucas 14CU Multiport Electronic Fuel Injection was introduced in the U.S. on the '89 Range Rover with the 3.9L engine. The 14CU had the capability to control fuel tank vapor and made changes depending if the AC was on or not.

The Lucas 14CUX is basically the same as a 14CU, but it has the digital fault code display unit.

From the OVLR newsletter, February 1999

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