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Since its launch in 1970 the original Range Rover has held a unique
position in the World's car markets. It is the only prestigious
luxury vehicle with supreme 4 x 4 off-road capability.

In order to ensure that the all-new Range Rover meets customer
expectation, Land Rover has undertaken extensive market research with
both current and potential customers.

The research has included a comprehensive investigation into changing
attitudes and values of potential customers during the 1990's. In
particular Land Rover has sought to understand attitudes towards
acknowledged premium brands of a wide range of luxury consumer goods.

In addition the development of the design and features of the new
Range Rover has included detailed consultation with customers and
potential customers at special clinics in the world's major markets.

The new Range Rover is expected to attract customers from three
distinctive segments of the luxury car sector.

Range Rover customers are among the most loyal in the world. They
repeatedly re-visit their dealers to buy a new Range Rover rather than
switch to an alternative luxury saloon.

A large proportion of customers for the new Range Rover will be owners
of current Range Rovers.

Land Rover is also targeting traditional luxury car owners who may own
a Mercedes, Jaguar, or a Lexus. The new levels of quality,
refinement, and luxury of the new Range Rover are expected to have a
strong appeal for this group.

In addition owners of luxury performance cars like Porsche are
expected to be attracted to the new Range Rover by individualists
seeking a more responsible performance car for the 1990's.

The classic Range Rover has been sold in all the world's major markets
and the new models will be made available progressively around the

In October it will be available in the UK and all other significant
markets in Western Europe including France, Spain, Italy, Germany,
Holland, Belgium, Switzerland, Austria, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and
many other overseas markets including the Far East and South America.

In early 1995 it will go on sale in the USA, Canada, Japan, Australia,
the Middle East, Africa, and Eastern Europe.

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