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This FAQ is the work of a number of people who have assisted in its creation over the past several years. Back around 1991, TerriAnn Wakeman penned a couple of messages on the British Cars mailing list. These messages were taken by Lawrence Buja and combined into the first "FAQ" for Land Rovers sometime in 1991. By 1992, Dixon Kenner was trying to unstick seized pistons in his Green Beastie and started to have some thoughts on Land-Rover maintenance, or the lack thereof. In early 1993 he produced the first definitive form of the FAQ as a series of regular messages to Bill Caloccia's Land-Rover mailing list. By July of 1993, Greg Hiner had made this text version available as part of the RoverWeb.

In July of 1994, Ben Smith and Dixon Kenner were handed the RoverWeb and Dixon took direct control of the FAQ. Several changes then occurred. Ben Smith ported the FAQ into html. With Dixon's help, Ben also developed the first version of the Ottawa Valley Land Rovers web site. While the FAQ originally resided within the OVLR site, but was later moved to its own directory structure to ease maintenance and enhancement as the three sites continued to grow.

Original Author (1.0):


Version Data type Date Size Comments
3.4.0 html only May 7, 2003 lots of kbytes Moved to from
3.3 html only November 1, 1998 8458 kbytes 1678 kbytes w/o images. Moved to (
3.2 html/ftp November 13, 1996 667 kbytes Moved to
3.1 html/ftp August 17, 1996 470 kbytes
3.0 html/ftp November 1, 1995 272 kbytes First html version. Moved to Benjamin Smith joins Dixon writing the FAQ.
2.3 text February 27. 1995 150 kbytes
2.2 text July 1994 115 kbytes Former RoverWeb version
2.1 text July 22, 1993 98 kbytes
2.0 text February 4, 1993 63 kbytes Dixon Kenner takes over FAQ
1.0 text Before mid-1992 12 kbytes Written for the British Cars Mailing List by Lawrence Buja from a series of messages, mostly from TerriAnn Wakeman and others


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