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This FAQ is the work of a number of people who have assisted in its creation over the past several years. Some history. While Dixon Kenner created the definitive form of the FAQ and has maintained it since 1993, he did not create the first version. That credit goes to Lawrence Buja. Back in 1991, he took a series of messages written by TerriAnn Wakeman on the British Cars mailing-list and composed the first Land-Rover "FAQ". This version was used to produce the first FAQ in 1993.

The FAQ is edited by:

The FAQ started off as a FTP text files. It was ported to html by:

The FAQ was redesigned with navigational menus and graphics using Macromedia Dreamweaver, and existing graphics were optimized in Photoshop by:

  • Bill Maloney

Contributors (in addition to Dixon) to the FAQ include:

Benjamin Smith <>
Alan J. Richer (a number Tech Tips)
Ted Rose <> (OVLR, Gen'l Maint)
Ian Stuart <> (UK Clubs & Famous Owners)
Greg Hiner <> (Suppliers)
Todd Mills <> (Part of Camel Trophy Section and book reviews)
Bill Spear <> (Quote in Part I, What is a Land Rover)
Mike Rooth <> (OVLR, 2.25L Diesel Engine)
Bill Caloccia < >(OVLR/EROS, United States Customs and importing vehicles)
Murray Jackson (OVLR, Canadian customs information)
Peter Hirsch <>(Austrian customs information)
Kevin Kelly <> (US Range Rover Specifications)
Richard Marsden vehicle history information)
Bill Maloney (OVLR, Numerous Tech Tips)
Karin Sindir Tech Tips)

Original Author (1.0):

Lawrence Buja
Teriann Wakeman <>
The original FAQ by Dixon Kenner was based on several messages that appeared on the British Cars Mailing list back around 1991


Copyright Dixon Kenner, 1995-2011. Last modified March 15, 2005.
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