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FTP (File Transfer Protocol) Version of the FAQ

Archive sites:

Most Recent Version

There is no current up-to-date version on this site as most people now have web access to the net. The ftp version dates to a period when net access was restricted to shell accounts running telnet and ftp. Lynx was the browser of choice at the time. With Netscape and other browsers, cheap printers, and widespread net access, a separate ftp version is redundant

Older Versions, back-ups etc

  • (470k) (V 3.1)
    [This version may no longer be available on the site]

FTP files found within this site are -

The FAQ is in 8 parts in the directory given.

  • LR_FAQ_31.index
  • LR_FAQ_31.intro
  • LR_FAQ_31.1 to LR_FAQ_31.6

The html versions will always be the most up to date version.

Older versions of the FAQ exist in various locations on the net. They include -

  • (280k) (V 3.0)
    [this version may no longer be available]
  • The FAQ is in 8 parts in the directory given. FTP files found within this site are -

    • LR_FAQ_30.intro
    • LR_FAQ_30.1 to LR_FAQ_30.6

  • (63k) (V 2.0)
    July 22nd, 1993 version
  • (12k) (V 1.0)
    • Actually, this link is to the 63k version now. I don't know where the original version is anymore. -Ben


Permission is granted to print out the FAQ in whole or in part for your personal use. Permission is also granted to print out the FAQ to distribute at club meetings for people who do not have Internet Access. Links to the FAQ from club and personal web pages are encouraged. Permission is not granted to distribute this document for profit. If you have any questions about the FAQ, send email to Dixon Kenner or Benjamin Smith

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