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Series Land Rovers, Options


Overdrives have been a favored option to add to Land Rovers, especially within North America where distances tend to be a little greater than over in Europe. One of the most popular overdrives was the Fairey, since discontinued. Others are the Toro and Santana

Fairey Overdrive

A Few tips on Overdrive Installation:

  • When installing torque the mainshaft nut to 100ft/lbs
  • Before fitting the gasket, fit the OD dry to the transfer with no nuts to make sure the shafts are aligned properly. Keep the transfer case top cover off so you can rotate the OD gear to make it mesh. Make sure the transfer and main gearbox are in neutral first.
  • Be sure to use the proper locking washer for the mainshaft nut. The washer for a transfer without OD has shorter lock tabs than the locking washer for the OD. The longer tabs may prevent the OD from engaging properly.
  • After you torque the mainshaft nut, rotate the shaft til you find the tab that is closest to a notch in the nut. Only one tab will be be able to fit in a notch. If none fit, pick the tab that is closest to being aligned, but the nut needs to be turned a little more. Turn it til the notch aligns with the tab. It is difficult to get the tab to start to bend from this angle. I used a cheap thin wood chisel and tapped it beteen the tab and the washer underneath. Once it bent out a little I was able to get a screwdriver under and bend it the rest of the way.
  • When you install the OD, cover both sides of the gasket with a good gasket sealer like Permatex Hi Temp Red. Push the OD in but not all the way - leave it out 1/3". If you do not do this there will be 2 nuts you will not be able to start. Get those nuts started and then you can push the OD in til it fully seats and tighten the nuts.
  • To install the OD, tilt it so that the gear is pointing up and the back of the casing is pointing down. Lower it until the gear is level with the PTO hole then tilt it over as you lift it up so the gear enters the hole first.

Ashcroft High Ratio Transfer Details:

  • Transfer case ratio: Stock 1.15, High Ratio Transfer Case 0.87, 1.15/0.87 = 1.322, or a 32.2%
  • Stock Series diff ratio = 4.7, Range Rover diff ratio = 3.54, 4.7/3.54 = 1.328, or a 32.8%


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