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There were several types of freewheeling hubs fitted to Land Rovers through the fifties sixties and seventies. One of the most common was the Warn Lock-O-Matic freewheeling hubs.

James Howard attempts a fuel mileage comparison with and without hubs locked up:

In order to fulfill an assignment in my Statistical Design of Experiments
class, I investigated this very point on my old Series III 88.  I decided to
get fuel every day on my way to work, and randomly selected which days I
would lock the hubs for, and which days I would unlock them.  I planned to
get 15 observations of each for a total of 30.  Unfortunately we had a big
snowstorm one week which shut off access to work for 7 days, so I was only
able to get 13 locked and 10 unlocked measurements.

I got 13.7 +/- 0.8 Miles per US gallon with locked hubs, and 14.8 +/- 1.0
mpg for unlocked hubs.  In other words, I could not tell the difference.  My
notes for the next experiment (which I never got around to doing) stated
that if I wanted +/- 0.5 mpg resolution, I would need 74 observations, or a
more accurate way of measuring fuel consumption .

Making these measurements was a pain in the hiney.  I had to start the Rover
in the morning, and drive 300 ft up the street to the Mobil station.  I had
to use the same pump every time, so if someone else was there, I had to
wait.  I then pumped a little less than 2 gallons into my tank, and
consulted my log to see whether to lock or unlock the hubs or not.  Despite
using the same pump each time, there was a lot of variability in how full I
got the fuel tank each time.  I then drove 11 miles to work, and then 11
miles back.  I was not allowed to deviate from my route, which made it hard
to stop at the grocery store on the way home.  After doing this for over a
month, I was sick of it.


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