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2.25L Diesel Engine Fuel Shutoff Problem

Paul Timms - Hello, I hope you don't mind me asking a question, but I recently bought a series 3, 2.25 diesel, it was stood for about 6 months and I've just started to use it on a daily basis. Little things seem to start breaking now that it's being broken in slowly, washer pump, speedo cable, steering knuckle, etc., etc., but now when I pull the fuel stop out it doesn't stop immediately like it did before, but sort of rumbles on shaking the 88 to bits for about 5 seconds. I love the car to bits, she's great to drive, I don't mind things going wrong because it great to fix them. Can you guide me to where I might find the information about a possible cause and solution please.
Many thanks in advance

Dixon Kenner - Check the adjustment of the stop cable - sounds like it is not completely engaging the valve properly. It's probably slipped, and isn't completely closing the valve. Barring that, a can of Diesel conditioner to clean out the pump might not be a bad thing. If it sat for any length of time it might have gotten some gunk in the valve and again it isn't closing properly when stop is actuated.

Paul Timms - Hi, Many thanks, the cable had slipped, the locking screw was loose. Cheers, Paul

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