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Series Land Rovers

Engine Oil Pump Info

By Phil Hancock

The 1958-59 oil pump is shown in the parts books as different from the 1960 onwards pump. Differences are unknown, and I don't know if the later pump can be substituted.

The oil pump from 1960 on is a direct replacement for the 1958/9, the difference is that the early pump has narrower iron gears with less teeth than the later type with one iron and one alloy gear, the flow rate is lower as a result on the early pump.

Block: The SII block is unique due to the different bearing diameter.

The main bearings are the same diameter as the later units but the notch in the bearing bores for locating the bearing shells is at the opposite end on the later units.

Also on the early units the threaded hole for the dipstick tube is a smaller size as the early unit has a male/male threaded adaptor to fit the tube to rather than the late units tube nut and olive fitting. Hope this is some help.

By Bill Maloney

When stripping an unknown oil pump look closely at the gears. If the side of the gears have worn themselves into the housing or flat plate making grooves you can feel, trash the pump. Otherwise it will be fine. Even new pumps can have gear clearances beyond what's recommended in the manual so unless the gears are noticably worn you should be able to reuse it. Look closely at the check valve ball, it's probably fine and replace that spring. It's only a few bucks and WILL increase your oil pressure. The manual recommends a thin film of hylomar on the mating surfaces. I used Permatex High temp on mine, I think the key is to keep it VERY thin so it doesn't squeeze out into the gears. If it does and breaks off don't be too worried as it will be caught by the filter.


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