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Chassis Numbering

Chassis numbers on Land Rovers can lead to you obtaining quite a bit of information on your vehicle. On the other hand, if you own something like a IIA where the serial number prefix didn't change for years what you learn may be limited. However, the se tables form a guide to seeing if your serial number is actually correct and what you may have (Is it a CKD? et cetera). Under these pages are specific build information for Land Rovers where known for specific serial numbers sequences.

Chassis Numbers

Getting build Information If anyone wishes to obtain build information on when your vehicles was started on the production line, when it got off, what co lour is was and where it was dispatched to, you can write Land Rover in the UK. Allow three to four weeks to get a response.

From Eric: "I do have to point out, I make a small charge for this service now of £15 or 20 Euro, on behalf of the Land Rover Club ( Land Rover ), cheques made payable to THE LAND ROVER CLUB Ltd. I will answer to letters, providing they do include a copy of there V5 form, Log book, or MOT. "

The address is:

Heritage Motor Centre
Banbury Road, Gaydon
Warwickshire, UK
CV35 0BJ

You can also write British Motor Industry Heritage Trust for production records. BMHIT offers a production record certificate. If you have a car of one of the makes below, the archive can research the details from the original production records for a fee of L20.00. Most records date from the post-1945 period. Obtain a production certificate application form from the reading room and return it with your cash or cheque (made payable to BMIHT). Credit card payment is now available at BMIHT for certificates on various UK cars incl Landrover . Please allow 28 days from the application for the delivery of your certificate.


They also offer a Statement of origin. If you only require confirmation of the year and place of manufacture of your vehicle in order to re-register it with the DVLA or to clear customs on re-importation, this alternative service is offered for a fee of L10.00. BMIHT's statements of origin and full production certificates are accepted by the DVLA as authenticated documents from the manufacturer (Rover Group). Please allow 7 days from your application for delivery of your statement.

A final certificate available are Technical data certificates. These specialized certificates are offered to clients wishing to import an older car into certain European countries. The certificate details the technical data required to meet the relevant import regulations and costs from L30.00 (depending on the country). Please allow up to 2 months from your application for delivery of this type of certificate.

Heritage Motor Centre
Banbury Road, Gaydon
Warwickshire, CV35 0BJ
Telephone: (01926) 641188
Fax: (01926) 641555

There are two other ways to get a vehicle history. One is to contact the ExMilitary Land Rover Association ( ). The person to contact there is .

The other is the Royal Logistics Corps Museum. I'm told the contact person there is: and that the cost is 25 UKP. The piece of information that both sources will require is the military vehicle identification number (VRN). This is stamped on a plate on the side of the seatbox. Typically it is 2 numbers, 2 letters and 2 numbers. For example 71FL89. Once a vehicle received this VRN the military didn't care about the chassis number.

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