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Chassis Numbering Suffixes

An attempt to date Series IIA models by changes in suffix letters relative to each other. The dates are the issue dates of the Service Newsletter announcing the change. Changes where a date is unknown are appended at the bottom on the list.

Date Suffixes Item(s) Changed
Chassis Engine Gearbox Axle
Oct 1961 A A A A Introduction of Series IIA
Feb 1962 A A A A Introduction of 7/16" studs for steering levers (replaces 3/8" studs). Commenses with RHD 88" 24101876a, RHD 109" 25101786a and LHD 109" 25400867a.
May 1962 A A A A Introduction of steady strip for the fan cowl (Petrol 4 cyl) from cowl to battery box
Jul 1962 A A A A Clamping bars for injectors modified to eliminate spot facing. Commencing with diesel engine 27102760a onwards
Jul 1962 A B A
Introduction of a vertical drive shaft with a reamed bush in place of the split bush. Commences with engine 25119953b (Petrol 4 cyl) onwards
Sep 1962 A B
B A Introduction of large intermediate and lay shafts.
Introduction of hydrostatic clutch (no adjustment needed)
Introduction of combined oil filler and level plugs (eliminates top fil plugs)
Nov 1962 A C B A Introduction of wax type thermostatfor diesel engines (replaces methyl-alcohol bellows thermostate).
Introduction of stronger clutch springs [All models]
Mar 1963 A C B A Suffix letters switch from lower case to upper case
Mar 1963 B D B A Introduction of shorter full-flow engine oil filter [2L diesel, 2.25L diesel, 2.25L petrol]
Cup type core plug replaces hexagon plug and joint washer on inlet manifold [2.25L diesel].
Shape of front branch pipe of exhaust manifold has been simplified to ease manufacture [2.25L Diesel].
Introduction of thinner joint washers (0.015") in place of 0.062" on water pump and front cover to increase the rigidity of the water pump adn front cover mounting (all)
Introduction of wax type thermostat as standard (replacing methly alcohol bellows type [2.25L petrol].
Introduction of 9.5" clutch on 109" FCs for improved performance [FC 2.25L engine suffix B and later].
Introduction of non-adjustable type ball joints on teh bell crank to carburetter contgrol rod and the use of linkage clips on the control rod between the relay shaft and the carburetter relay, replacing ball joints and ball ends [all 2.25 petrol 88s and 109s] Introduction of shackle [ins with 9/16" diameter thread and shackle plates modified to suit, to prevent possibility of broken shakel pins. [all]
Introduction of re-designed headlamps. Stop-tail and number plate illumination lamp replaces two separate lamps, except on Forward Control models. Side Lamps, flasher lamps and rear lamps re-designed to eliminate bezel.[all]
Introduction of lower ration gearbox and transfer box for 109 FC models
Introduction of 3/8" fixings in steering box to replace 5/16" fixings [all]
Steering ration revised from 15.6 to 19.6 straight ahead ration and full lock ratio altered from 23.8 to 29.9 on Forward Control models
Introduction of larger universal joints on propellor shafts. (was Hardy Spicer Series 1300 with 2 15/16" width and new is Hardy Spicer Series 1310 width 3 7/32" [all]
Sep 1963 B D C A Gearbox Ratios
Dec 1963 B D C A 25D4 Distributor starting with Engine 25159746 (Petrol 4 cyl)
Jan 1964 B D C A Cast iron rear bearing housing [all]
Light switch key switch, Ballast resistor 2BA [Diesel]
Locker lid turnbuckle Semi-circular, Apron panel curved
Jan 1964 B D

Engine foot reinforced. Engine 25152571, 27110202 (4 Cyl)
Feb 1964 B D B A ?? Strengthened tie rod bracket bell housing starting with Gearbox 25170529B
Mar 1964 B F C B One piece oil level rod.
Note: no engine suffix E for 88s or 109s and No suffix C for 109FC 4 cylinders.
Strengthened axles, Steering relay filler deleted.
Sep 1964 B F C B 251 Series of Gearbox Numbers used up, start with 2520001C
Feb 1965 B F C B 251 Series Engine Numbers used up. Start with 25200001F.
Welded bonnet striker
Jun 1965 B G C B Blade type distributor drive shaft (Petrol 4 cyl)
Apr 1966 C G

?? Front cover no studs water pump (Diesel)
Apr 1966 C H

?? Front Engine cover no studs water pump (Petrol 4 cyl)
Apr 1966 C
?? Strengthened layshaft
Apr 1966 C

?? Centre horn push, Steering wheel all
Apr 1967 D J E
Negative earth, Rocker brackets, Zenith Carb, Single grommet bell housing, Cranked handbrake (Petrol 4 cyl)
May 1967 D H E
Negative earth. Single grommet bell housing. Cranked handbrake. Control panel dash (Diesel)
May 1967 D A E
New 6 cylinder model (Petrol 6 cyl)
Jun 1967

?? Zenith Strom carb?? (Petrol 6 cyl)
Dec 1967 D J

9 1/2" Clutch standard (Diesel)
Feb 1968 D

CV Master cylinder 88: wheelbase
Mar 1968 E K

Lip oil seals, Timing pointer on front [Petrol]
Dust proof breather [Diesel]
Flanged injectors [Diesel]
Starter motor [Diesel]
oil catcher gearbox, Grease packed hubs
Apr 1968 E

Square solenoid (Petrol 4 cyl), Door locks
May 1968 E

Push on advance distributor (Petrol 6 cyl)
Oct 1968 E

Black interior trim
Nov 1968 E

Road wheel small offset FV607510 109" Wheelbase
Dec 1968 E
Breather on rear of inlet manifold [Diesel]
No peg rr mainshaft starting with Gearbox Number 25378396E, Narrow sills
Mar 1969 F

New fuel filter (Petrol 6 cyl)
Apr 1969 F

Brake switch, Vertical Hand control [Diesel]
Round wiper motor, CV Master Cylinder [109" Petrol 4 cyl]
Apr 1969 G

Headlamp in guard, 8:1 Compression (Petrol 4 cyl)
Suffix A, 8fl flasher, Servo on brake pedal (Petrol 6 cyl)
Jun 1969 G

Large wheel nuts 9/16 studs, Heat shield seat base [Diesel & Petrol 6] [Serial Numbers in F given]
Oct 1969 G

Heat shield distributor (Petrol 6 cyl), Spire nut door hinges
Jan 1970

Plastic fan cowl (Petrol 4 Cyl)
Apr 1970 G

Thick road wheel 109" wheelbase
Jun 1970 G

7/16 Handbrake relay
Nov 1970

?? Sealed clutch withdrawl ?
Nov 1970 H

?? 16mm road wheel studs, Flat bottom diff
Oct 1971 A A A A Introduction of Series III

Gearbox Housing Reverse ratio changed

Clutch bleed pipe deleted all alternator


Facet fuel pump (Petrol 6 cyl).
Exhaust pipe 3 bolt (88" Diesel).
Delete heat shield (88" Diesel)


Rear fuel tank (109" Petrol 4 cyl).
Lock ring fuel sender (all 109")
Exhaust pipe (109" Diesel).
Delete heat shield (109" Diesel).
Inboard expi (4 cyl Petrol).
Exhaust silencer straight (4 cyl Petrol)
Sealed breather (Perol 4 cyl).
Viscous fan (Petrol 6 Cyl).
Clip top rocker HIF carb Air pump distributor alt mounts (Petrol 6 Cyl).
3 bolt exhaust manifold (Diesel 4 cyl).
90654451C (Diesel 4 cyl).
Sound proofing Eng viscous fan (Diesel 4).


3 bolt exhaust manifold (109" Diesel)
Delete LWR breather shield Ducellier? Distributor (Petrol 4 cyl)


Shield oil filler New top rocker with oil filler blank side plate (Petrol 4 cyl)

B Circlip Rover differential

D 1/2 inch U bolts?

E Long thread ball joints?

Originally from the Ottawa Valley Land Rovers newsletter, September, 1995. Updated from LR Service Newsletters

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