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Production Data for Land Rovers: Serial Number Prefix 1217

Series I, 1957, 109", Home, Basic, Petrol, Right Hand Drive

This table shows details on when specific Land Rovers were built and where they were despatched to. The information is drawn from production data sheets supplied by Land Rover to various individuals who have asked for details on their Land Rover. If anyone has received a similar sheet from Land Rover, it would be appreciated if a copy could be scanned and sent to Dixon Kenner via the email address at the bottom of the page or mailed to Benjamin Smith, 141 Pine Bank Rd., Flemington, NJ 08822, USA. The information will be added to this list. If anyone wishes to obtain this information, write:
    British Motor Museum at Gaydon
    Banbury Road
    Warkwickshire CV35 0BJ ENGLAND
Allow three to four weeks to get a response. The fee is £43 for this service.

Serial #
In Out Colour Dispatched To
2 121700001 24 Aug 1956 28 Aug 1956 Grey Glovers Ltd., Harrowgate
3 121700002 23 Aug 1956 27 Aug 1956 Grey Glovers Ltd., Harrowgate
1 121700003 29 Aug 1956 31 Aug 1956 Blue G. ATswood, Wolverhampton
4 121700004 19 Sep 1956 15 Oct 1956 Primer Mist over Alshrom Henlys Ltd., London
5 121700005 21 Sep 1956 25 Sep 1956 Black Primer Rossleigh, Newcastle-on-Tyne

710 121700715 24 Jul 1957 29 Jul 1957 Grey Henlys Ltd., London
711 121700716 24 Jul 1957 16 Aug 1957 Grey Henlys Ltd., London
712 121700716 16 Aug 1957 27 Sep 1957 Grey J. Coxleter & Co. Ltd. Oxford
713 121700718 25 Jul 1957 23 Aug 1957 Grey C. Hurst Ltd., Belfast
714 121700719 24 Jul 1957 29 Jul 1957 Grey Henlys Ltd., London

00719 is the last of  this type built

Thanks to: Hazel Stone for supplying this information

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