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Camel Trophy

Camel Trophy paricipant Fred Monses with Dan Floyd & Tom Collins' Camel Trophy Range Rover
Camel Trophy competitor Fred Monses takes a promotional Camel Trophy Range Rover to the 1991 ABP Rally. This Camel Trophy vehicle was driven by Dan Floyd and Tom Collins in the 1987 Madagascar Camel Trophy event.
Original Author: Todd Mills

Camel cigarettes (RJR Nabisco) sponsored the first Camel Trophy in 1980. Since then it has been taken over by Worldwide Brands Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of RJR, organized in 1981, which owns the Camel Trophy trademark. WBI Germany had launched the "Camel Trophy Collection" of leisure wear in 1977, and in 1991 WBI diversified into "Camel Trophy Adventure Wear" (boots, clothing, watches), presently marketed only in Europe and the Far East. In 1992 Land Rover entered into a formal co-sponsorship agreement with WBI. Plans now call for North American LR dealers to market the Camel Trophy branded "adventure wear".

Here is the history of the Camel Trophy in a nutshell:

P=Petrol Engine otherwise its a diesel

Camel Trophy History

Year Camel Trophy Location Vehicle #teams Nations
1980 Transamazonica Jeep, P 3 1
1981 Sumatra Range Rover, 2 door, P 5 1
1982 Papua New Guinea Range Rover, 2 door, P 8 4
1983 Zaire Series III 88 14 7
1984 Brazil Land Rover 110 12 6
1985 Borneo Land Rover 90 16 8
1986 Australia Land Rover 90 14 14
1987 Madagascar Range Rover TD 14 14
1988 Sulawesi Land Rover 110 12 12
1989 The Amazon Land Rover 110 14 14
1990 Siberia-USSR Discovery Tdi 3-door 16 16
1991 Tanzania-Burundi Discovery Tdi 5-door 17 17
1992 Guyana Discovery Tdi 5-door 16 16
1993 Sabah-Malaysia Discovery Tdi 5-door 16 16
1994 Arg-Parag-Chile Discovery Tdi 5-door 18 18
1995 Mundo Maya Discovery Tdi 5-door 20 20
1996 Borneo Discovery Tdi 5-door 20 22
1997 Mongolia Discovery Tdi 5-door 20 20

Camel Trophy Competition Results

1980 Transamazonica
Route: Belem to Santarem
Distance: 1,600 km
Teams: 3 from West Germany
Winner: West Germany (Klaus Karthna-Dircks & Uwe Machel)

1981 Sumatra
Route: Medan to Jambi
Distance: 1,600 km
Teams: 5
Winner: West Germany (Christian Swoboda & Knuth Mentel)

1982 Papua New Guinea
Route: Mont Hagen to Madang
Distance: 1,600 km
Teams: 2 each from: Italy, the Netherlands, West Germany and United States
Winner: Italy (Casare Geruado & Giuliano Giongo)
Note: Special Tasks introduced

1983 Zaire
Route: Kinshasa to Kinsangani
Distance: 1,600 km
Teams: the Netherlands, Portugal, Hong Kong, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Spain
Winner: the Netherlands (Henk Bont & Frank Heij)

1984 Brazil
Route: Transamazonica Highway, Santarem to Manaus
Teams: 2 each from: Belgium, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland & West Germany
Winner: Italy (Maurizio Lavi & Alfredo Redaelli)

1985 Borneo
Route: Samarinda to Balikpapan
Teams: 2 each from: Brazil, West Germany, Japan, Switzerland, Belgium, the Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Canary Islands
Winner: West Germany I (Heinz Kallin & Bernd Strohdach)
Team Spirit Award: (1st year) Brazil II (Tito Rosenberg & Carlos Probst)

1986 Australia
Route: Cooktown to Darwin
Distance: 3,218 km
Teams: France, Italy, Canary Islands, Switzerland, Holland, Japan, Australia, USA, UK, Spain, Germany, Brazil, Malaysia, Belgium
Winner: France (Jacques Mambre, Michel Courvallet)
Team Spirit Award: Australia (Glenn Jones & Ron Begg)

1987 Madagascar
Route: Diego Suarez to Fort Dauphin
Distance: 2,252 km
Teams: Italy, USA, Holland, Spain, Malaysia, Germany, Brazil, Japan, UK, Switzerland, Belgium, Canary Islands, France, Turkey
Winner: Italy (Mauro Miele & Vincenzo Tota)
Team Spirit Award: Spain (Jaime Puig & Victor Muntan)

1988 Sulawesi
Route: Manado to Ujang Padang
Distance: 2,092 km
Teams: Turkey, Belgium, Holland, Italy, Canary Islands, Japan, Switzerland, UK, Spain, France, Germany, Argentina
Winner: Turkey (Galip Gurel, Ali Deveci)
Team Spirit Award: UK (Jim Benson & Marc Day)
Note: Two distinct series of Special Tasks introduced

1989 The Amazon
Route: Alta Floresta to Manaus
Teams: UK, Brazil, Spain, Turkey, Germany, Italy, Holland, France, Japan, Argentina, Canary Islands, Belgium, Yugoslavia, Switzerland
Winner: UK (Bob Ives & Joe Ives)
Team Spirit Award: Belgium (Frank Dewitte & Peter Denys)

1990 Siberia, USSR
Route: Bratsk to Irkutsk
Distance: 1500km
Vehicles: 19 Discoveries, 4 Defender 110 Station Wagons, 5 Defender 127s(3 4-door crewcabs and 2 2-doors--all had a solid, enclosed load bed
Teams: the Netherlands, Germany, UK, Spain, Italy, Yugoslavia, Austria, France, Switzerland, Greece, USA, Turkey, Canary Islands, Belgium, Soviet Union, Japan
Winner: The Netherlands (Rob Kamps & Stijn Luyx)
2nd: West Germany, 3rd: UK
Team Spirit Award: Canary Islands (Carlos Barreto & Fernando Martin)

    1991 Tanzania-Burundi
    Route: Dar es Salaam, Tanzania to Bujumbura, Burundi
    Distance: 1,600 km
    Teams: Turkey, Switzerland, Belgium, Greece, UK, USA, Italy, Canary Islands, Austria, France, Yugoslavia, Spain, Poland, Germany, Soviet Union, the Netherlands, Japan
    Winner: Turkey (Menderes Utku & Bulent Ozler)
    Team Spirit Award: Turkey (Menderes Utku & Bulent Ozler)
    Special Tasks Award (introduced): Austria (Joseph Altmann & Peter Widhalm)

    1992 Guyana
    Route: Manaus, Brazil to Georgetown, Guyana
    Distance: 1,600 km
    Teams: Switzerland, USA, France, Austria, UK, Greece, Italy, Germany, Japan, Belgium, Commonwealth of Independent States, Poland, Canary Islands, Spain, Turkey, the Netherlands
    Winner: Switzerland (Alwin Arnold & Urs Bruggisser)
    Team Spirit Award: United States (Dan Amon & Jim West)
    Special Tasks Award: France (Eric Cassaigne & Patrick Lafabrie)

    1993 Sabah-Malaysia
    Route: Circumnavigation, Kota Kinabalu to Kota Kinabalu
    Distance: 1,500 km
    Teams: United States, France, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Germany, Spain, Greece, the Netherlands, Canary Islands, Italy, Turkey, Poland, Russia, Malaysia, Japan
    Winner: United States (Tim Hensley & Michael Hussey)
    Team Spirit Award: Canary Islands (Ellis Martin & Francisco Zarate)
    Special Tasks Award: France (Paul Gasser & Loup Tournand)

    1994 Argintina-Paragua-Chile
    Route: Iguazu Falls, Argentina to Hornitos, Chile
    Distance: 2,590 km
    Teams: South Africa, UK, Spain, Canary Islands, Greece, Russia, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Scandinavia, Poland, France, the Netherlands, United States, Japan, Turkey, Hungary, Belgium
    Winner: Spain (Jorge Corella & Carlos Martinez)
    Team Spirit: South Africa (Etienne van Eeden & Klaus Hass)
    2nd UK ( Damian Taft & Mark Cullum)
    Special Tasks: 1st Spain (Carlos Martinez & Jorge Corella)
    2nd Switzerland

    1995 Mundo Maya
    Route: Lamanai, Belize through Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras to Xunantunich, Belize
    Distance: 1,700 km
    Teams: Czech Republic, United States, South Africa, France, Russia, Italy, Spain, Greece, Poland, Belgium, Canary Islands, UK, Germany, Israel, Hungary, Japan, Holland, Switzerland, Turkey, Scandinavia
    Winner: Czech (Zdenek Nemec & Marek Rocajdl)
    Team Spirit Award: Russia (Pavel Bogomolov & Sergei Fenev)
    Special Tasks Award: Czech Republic (Zdenek Nemec & Marek Rocejdl)

    1996 Kalimantan (Borneo)
    Route: Balikpapan to Pontianak
    Distance: 1850 km
    Teams: Germany, South Africa, Belgium, UK, Italy, Greece, United States, Japan, France, Morocco, Turkey, Switzerland, Russia, Denmark/Norway, Finland/Sweden, Poland, Canary Islands, Spain, Czech Republic, the Netherlands
    Winner: Greece (Miltos Farmakis & Nikos Sotirchos)
    2nd: United States (Ken Cameron & Fred Hoess)
    3rd: France
    Team Spirit Award: South Africa (Samuel de Beer & Pieter du Plessis)
    Special Tasks Award: Russia (Dmitriy Surin & Alexei Svirkov)
    2nd: Greece (Miltos Farmakis & Nikos Sotirchos)
    3rd: France
    Land Rover Award: Greece (Miltos Farmakis & Nikos Sotirchos)

    1997 Mongolia
    Route: Central Mongolia
    Distance: 1,500 Miles
    Teams: Germany, South Africa, Belgium, UK, Italy, Greece, United States, Japan, France, Morocco, Turkey, Switzerland, Russia, Denmark/Norway, Finland/Sweden, Poland, Canary Islands, Spain, Czech Republic, the Netherlands
    Winner: Austria ( Stefan Auer and Albrecht Thausing )

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