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Famous Owners of Land Rover vehicles

Origional Author: Ian Stuart (

British Royal family (UK)
Range Rovers, dicoveries and Defenders (numbers?)
Elizabeth Windsor - A Bronze Green 110 Defender (manual)
John Rhys Davies (US)
owns five and he says he couldn't be bothered with the new Discos or Range Rovers (they're "devoid of panache"). His fleet includes:
  • IIa 109 with roof-tent in Kenya
  • ex-RAF '88 110
  • 109 Luten-body workshop vehicle with Lincoln arc-welder soon to be a 130"
  • Indeterminate 109 with advanced frame cancer (a "project vehicle").
    The latter three are at his residence on the Isle of Mann.

    Fidel Castro (Cuba)
    Has a few Land Rovers, one of which is a bullet riddled Series I.
    Ross Perot (US)
    has several -- Series IIa's and III's
    Tom Conti (UK)
    has a 107" Station Wagon. White, overgrown & languishing in a very sorry state (as seen on BBC's The Car's the Star TV program)
    David Viscount Linley (the son of Princess Margaret, UK)
    Blue Series III
    Jim Carrey (CA)
    has a Series III 88.
    Kevin Costner (US)
    a black 88 (I, II, III, hybrid?)
    Sylvester Stallone (US)
    John Laquette (US actor)
    has a 109 on his Idaho ranch and an 88 currently under restoration
    Bill Murray (US)
    Black Series Land Rover.
    Attends yearly Ground Hog Day celebration in Punzatawney, PA in it

    Dr. Mae Jemison (US shuttle astronaut)
    (what she describes as) a 95 olive-drab Land Rover (Does she mean a D90?)
    Bryan Adams (CA)
    90 Defender (possibly a RR/Defender 100" hybrid)
    Robin Williams (US)
    Red 90 Defender (bought from the San Fransisco dealer), replacing a 110 Defender. He used to drive an 88 before the Mork & Mindy show
    Ralph Lauren (US)
    has a Series I and a couple of NA spec 110's, but painted black.
    Jane Fonda and hubby Ted Turner (US)
    Own a pair of the US-spec Defender 110's they keep at their western ranch (i.e., the state of Montana).
    Michael Jordan (US)
    of the Chicago Bulls NBA has a Black County (110?)
    Ralph Loren (US)
    a couple of NA spec 110's, but painted black.
    Oprah Winfrey (US)
    Defender (90/110?)
    Sean Connery (UK)
    Defender 90 at his estate in Costa Brava, Spain.

    Leonard Franco M.D. (US)
    world famous ER Doc - 93 Land Rover Discovery (White and Green)
    Janet Jackson (US)
    Dicovery? (Gift from agent or someone)
    Sting (ex UK)

    Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman (US)
    Range Rover LWB
    Demi Moore and Bruce Willis (US)
    Range Rover LWB
    Meg Ryan and Dennis Quaid (US)
    Range Rover LWB
    Don Johnson and Melanie Griffith (US)
    Range Rover LWB (Now split up? - who has the 'Rover?)
    Mel Gibson (OZ)
    Range Rover
    Rosanne Barr-Arnold(US)
    Range Rover
    Michael Douglas (US)
    Range Rover
    Jane Fonda (US)
    Range Rover
    EmiDLo Estevez (US)
    Range Rover
    Patrick Swayze (US)
    Range Rover
    Jack Nicholson (US)
    Range Rover
    Stefanie Powers (US)
    Range Rover
    Michael J. Fox (CA)
    Range Rover
    Rod Stewart (ex UK)
    Range Rover
    Cher (US)
    Range Rover
    George Michael (ex UK)
    Range Rover
    Barry Manilow (US)
    Range Rover
    Michael Jackson (US)
    Range Rover (can he actually DRIVE?)
    Richard Branson (UK)
    Range Rover
    Virgin AirDLnes also use RR as VIP fleet cars
    (British Army Officer) Col. Hewitt
    Range Rover
    David Gower (UK, ex England cricket captain)
    New Range Rover.
    Mike Tyson (US)
    Range Rover. Purchased from Keeler Motor Car Company (near Albany, New York)
    Liz Claborne
    Used to have a 1990 Range Rover

  • They Want...

    Ralph Lauren (US)
    Approached LRNA with the concept of a Ralph Lauren RR
    Chris Evert (US)
    "Andy's [Mills] the art lover," says Chris. "I'd rather have a Range Rover than a $40,000 painting."


    Paul & Linda McArtney (UK)
    [in 1969] The happy McCartney family posing with their Series One, apparently a Station Wagon. I don't know about currently, but up until fairly recently Paul had a Cairngorm Brown SE complete with Genuine Part side steps and Bull Bar
    Peter Sellers (UK)
    had a Range Rover, or more specifically a Wood & Pickett Sheer Rover conversion

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