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written and directed by: Beat Rauch

produced by Rincovision for Camel Trophy

narrated by Mike McMahon, 60 min. (1989)

Some people cant get enough of the Camel Trophy. Videos for the Trophys from 1987-94 are commercially available, and if you are desperate to fill in the earlier years, this one might satisfy your craving. Unfortunately availability is unknown, but at least you will know what to look for.

The longish subtitle pretty much says it all: the most exciting scenes from 10 years; 4x4 Driving School, with 10 lessons for off-road driving. It starts with a very few seconds of the 1980 Transamazonica (but thats OK since they used jeeps that year), and then coverage gets a bit deeper as they progress through the 1989 return to the Amazon.

Interspersed between the annual Camel Trophy scenes, which are too brief to be anything more than a cursory introduction to the event, is the real value of this video. The Swiss team Sulawesi 1988 Disco, a Range Rover and a turbo diesel Defender 110 take the viewer through ten delightful off-road driving lessons, all filmed in picture-perfect Switzerland. Among the topics covered are low range gearing, scouting hazards, and winching, as well as how to navigate mud, ditches, sand, deep water, rocks & bumps, steep slopes, and snow & ice. One viewing and youll feel like a pro.

Review by T.F. Mills

Reprinted from the Solihull Society Newsletter, May/June 1995
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