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Series Land Rovers

Paint Codes

Some people have now noticed Mike McDermott's new paint job and have enquired about paint codes and about painting Birmabright. So, I thought I'd pass along a few part numbers and whatnot. This is not a guide to painting your Land Rover, just a list of the Land Rover part numbers and alternatives. Most of the part numbers are DuPont; any DuPont paint jobber should be able to mix up Rover colors in single quart cans. For "DuLux" alkyd enamle, append a "D" to the paint color number. Add an "L" of laquer, or "A" for Centari acrylic enamel. Locally, Roy Bailie can get the paint for you. Further afield, Rover's North has aerosol cans available while Atlantic British (NY) has quarts premised for some of these colours. (If anyone has any other #'s, pass them along.)

Land Rover          Aerosol   Touch-Up  Dupont:   Ditzler        Glasurit
Pastel green        RTC4041A  GAP405    GTU405    38504                    ROV605
Bronze green        RTC4042A  GAP406    GTU406    38500          46451     LEY637
Marine blue         RTC4043A  GAP407    GTU407    38503          16514     ROV504
Limestone           RTC4044A  GAP408    GTU408    38505          46251 
Alpine White        RTC6870A
Grey                GAP409    GTU409
Poppy red                                         38506                    ROV303
Mid grey                                          38501          
Sand                                              38502 or ACF/004 or 26291
Burnt grey                                        38508          
Davos white                                       38514          
Mexican brown                                     38519          
Cameron green                                     38520          
Almond yellow                                     38521          

Here are some paint codes from Herberts for Series I's:

	Bronze Green   0428
	Ivory          0416
	RAF Blue       37262
	Dove Grey      37263

Other part numbers:
White Primer   RTC4055A
Grey Primer    RTC4056A
Dulux hardener                                    77s
Aluminum cleaner                                  225s
Aluminum conversion coating                       226s
"Variprime" two-part primer                       615s
Engine enamel:  "Detroit Diesel Alpine Green"    #225 (made by Tempo)

Automotive paints are quite sensitive to temperatures: use the following thinners/retarders. If you must paint at higher temps, add an anti-wrinkle agent:

      DuLux Thinner Temp Range     Centari Thinner     Temp Range
     #8508          below 65 F            #8034        below 70 F
     #3812          65-75 F               #8022        70-85 F
     #3864          70-80 F               #8093        above 85 F
     #8522          above 80 F

Note: While spray painting is the norm in North America, it is possible to go the traditional Brit route and brush paint your Land Rover. (See Mike Rooth's article in a past OVLR Newsletter) or you can paint a more modern way (ie using a spray gun ) as Alan Richer did. The requirement is that the paint be mixed differently for such application. The DuLux cannot be clear-coated, though the Centari can be protected in this fashion. DuLux can be mixed for brush application (like for roofs) rather than spray applicatio, though. DuPont "Corlar" two-part epoxy is another primer alternative. As it is intended for aircraft, it is only available in gallon cans, and in grey. Better living through chemistry.

Reprinted from the Ottawa Valley Land Rovers newsletter, May, 1995
Copyright Dixon Kenner, 1995-2011. Last modified March 15, 2005.
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