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Air Cleaner to Carb Hose

Alan Richer

Another installment in the alternative parts collection, this time from Alan Richer - "Recently I decided the rusty-hole-filled tube from my air cleaner to the carb swan had to go - but I wasn't paying original prices. OK, so call me cheap - I'll admit it. A fair bit of scouting around found me a perfect replacement. It's an Mighty-Flow air-intake flexible hose made my Motormite, of Colmar, PA, and sold by PartsAmerica houses in the US. Pep Boys, Canadian Tire and the like would likely also have it or a similar bit. Part # is 96058 - 2-19/32" diameter by 17" long.

The nice bit about this part is that it comes with pre-attached hose clamps and simply slips and locks into place with no cutting or fitting. The severely tradition-bound could, if they wished, cut off the plastic clamps and put on the proper hose clamps, but I didn't see the need. In construction, it's simply a tough plastic tube, spiral-reinforced with a steel band. Looks good and fits fine, though nowhere near as heavy as the original LR part.

Reprinted from the OVLR Newsletter, November, 1997
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