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Note: All books are available unless otherwise noted below.

For book reviews of selected titles and videos, click here


Manuals (Land Rover Ltd.)
  • Land Rover Series I official workshop manual. Covers all petrol and diesel models up to 1958. Drawings, charts and diagrams. 384pp Brooklands Books
  • Land Rover I (1948-58)
  • Land Rover II & IIA, Part 1 (Engine & Gearbox) (1958-70)
  • Land Rover II & IIA, Part 2 (1958-70)
  • Land Rover III (1971-85)
  • Land Rover III, V8 supplement
  • Land Rover 101 Forward Control (1975-77)
  • Land Rover 90/110 (including Defender supplement) (1983- )
  • Range Rover (1970-85)
  • Range Rover (1986- )
  • Discovery (1989- )

Parts catalogues (Land Rover Ltd.)

  • Land Rover I (1948-53)
  • Land Rover I (1953-58)
  • Land Rover 80" Military
  • Land Rover II (1958-61)
  • Land Rover IIA (1961-71)
  • Land Rover IIA & IIB (Forward Control model) (1962-72)
  • Land Rover III (including V8) (1971-85)
  • Land Rover 101 Forward Control (1975-77)
  • Land Rover IIA & III Optional Equipment (1961-85)
  • Land Rover 110 (1983-86)
  • Land Rover 110 (1987- )
  • Land Rover 90 (1984- )
  • Range Rover (1970-85)
  • Range Rover (1986- )
  • Discovery (1989- )

Owner's Manuals (Land Rover Ltd.)

  • Land Rover I 80" (1948-53)
  • Land Rover I (1953-58)
  • Land Rover I & II (Die.) (1948-61)
  • Land Rover IIA & IIB (1961-72)
  • Land Rover IIA, 24 volt
  • Land Rover III (1971-81)
  • Land Rover III (1981-85)
  • Land Rover 3/4 Ton (109 12 & 24 volt vehicles) (1971-85)
  • Land Rover 1/2 Ton (1971-85)
  • Land Rover 101 Forward Control (1975-77)
  • Land Rover III (1979-83)
  • Land Rover 90/110 (1983- )
  • Range Rover (1970-81)
  • Range Rover (by year to 1989)
  • Discovery (1989- )

Manuals (various)

  • Guide to Purchase & DIY Restoration: Land Rover Series I, II & III
    • Lindsey Porter, Haynes Publishing Group, 1992
    • ISBN 0 85429 681 6
  • Haynes
    • Land-Rover II, IIA & III (petrol) Owners Workshop Manual (314)
    • Land-Rover II & III (diesel) Owners Workshop Manual (529)
    • Range Rover Workshop Manual 1970-Oct 1992, 3528cc 3947cc petrol
        Haynes Publishing, c.1993, 419pp., ISBN 1-85010-579-0
  • Brooklands
    • Land Rover 2, 2A, & 3 Owners Workshop Manual,
        1958-83 including 6 and 8 cylinder Petrol or Diesel Models
    • Land Rover Restoration Tips and Techniques, by Richard Green
        LRO Publications, Ltd. c.1992, 98pp with b/w photos. ISBN 1-85520-181X
        Includes information on refurbishing a SWB Serries III 88 with hundreds of how to's for Land Rover Owners. Dropping a V8, refurbishing a Ninety, gearbox repair, fitting a winch, repairing rear-ends, et cetera. A collection of the articles published in LRO magazine over the years.
    • Practical Classics: Land Rover Restoration
    • Series III Lightweight Parts Catalogue


  • Advertising Land Rover; Series I & II, 1948-71
      compiled by Daniel Young, Yesteryear Books, c.1992, 96pp b/w photos ISBN 1-873978-07-2
      - A collection of Land Rover advertisements with attention to the early years. Basically a collection of sales literature and magazine cuttings advertising the Land Rover.
  • British Land Rovers in the Gulf
      by Bob Morrison, LRO Books, Ltd., c.1991, 64pp color photos, ISBN 1-873564-02-3
  • Brooklands Road Tests: Series One 1948-58
      complied by R.M. Clarke. 100pp, b/w photos, ISBN 1-85520-0805
  • Brooklands Road Tests: Land Rover II and IIA 1958-71
      complied by R.M. Clarke. 100pp, b/w photos, ISBN 0-948207-98-1
  • Brooklands Road Tests: Land Rover Series III 1971-85
      Compiled by R.M. Clarke, 100 pp., b/w photos. ISBN 1-869826-04-3
  • Brooklands Road Tests: 90/110 1983/89
  • Brooklands Road Tests: Range Rover Gold Portfolio 1970-1988
      Compiled by R.M. Clarke, 184 pp., b/w photos. ISBN 1-870642-317
  • Brooklands Road Tests: Discovery 1989-1994
      Compiled by R.M. Clarke, 100 pp., b/w photos. ISBN 1-85520-231X
  • Camel Trophy 1994 - Argentina Paraguay Chile
      by Chris Bennett, LRO Mail Order, Ltd., c. 1994, 134pp colour photos, ISBN 1-873564-06-6
  • Choice, Purchase, Performance, I, II, III & V8
      James Taylor
  • Classics in Colour: Land Rover;
      James Taylor,W&G Automotive, c.1992, 96pp. colour photos, 1-872004-91-1
      - Colour, data and detail on civilian, military and special vehicles from 1948 to 1991. 120+ colour photos with fact sheets on the different variants, Santana's, Lightweights etc.
  • Driving Techniques (out of print)
      Land Rover Ltd. Publications
  • Exploring Green Roads and Lanes in Great Britain.
      Ian Thompson, Haynes Publishing Group
      - A round Britain trip by motorcycles, but mostly suitable for off road vehicles.
  • The Fighting Rovers
      L. Geary
  • Four Wheel Drive and Land Rover
      Nick Baldwin, Shire Publications, Ltd., c.1988, 32pp. b/w photos, ISBN 0-85263-964-3
  • Four Wheel Drive Handbook (5th ed)
      by James T, Crow and Caverow A. Warren. CBS publications, c.1970, ISBN 0-87880-004
  • Know Your Land Rover
      by Robert Ivins, LRO Books, Ltd., c.1991, 114pp. b/w photos ISBN 1-873564-007
  • The Land Rover
      by Chris Bennet, Osprey Publishing, Ltd., c.1992, 128pp colour photos, ISBN I-85532-219-6
      - A book full of pictures of Land Rovers in great detail. A brief history of the Land Rover, variations, modifications by the Special Vehicles Operations Dept, a section on the Camel trophy.
  • The Land Rover 1948-88 A Collectors Guide (3rd ed)
      by James Taylor, Motor Racing Publications, Ltd (MRP), c.1984 &1988, 144pp. b/w photos, ISBN 0-947981-25-X
  • Land Rover Driving Techniques
      Land Rover publication # LR369, 23pp with drawings
  • Land Rover Series I,II,III & V8 (excluding Forward Control) (Choices, Purchase, Performance #3)
      by James Taylor, W&G Automotive, c.1993, 64pp b/w photos, ISBN 1-872004-12-1
  • Land-Rover - The Unbeatable 4x4 (4th ed)
      K. & K. Slavin & G.Mackie with GN Markie and D. McDine, Haynes, c.1981 & 1994. 360pp b/w photos, ISBN 0-85429-950-2
      - Traces the history of the LR, including reprints of road tests in 1949. Details on the Special Projects department and records possibly all of the more unusual and odd special projects, military vehicles, a guide to Land Rover expeditions etc.
  • Land Rover Discovery: The Enthusiast's Companion
      by James Taylor, MRP c.1994, 112pp b/w photos, ISBN 0-947891-79-9
  • The Land Rover Experience: A Users Guide to Four-Wheel Driving (2nd ed)
      by Tom Sheppard, Land Rover, c.1994, 208pp colour photos, ISBN 0-9514493-4-6
  • Land Rover Series I,II & III: Step by Step Service Guide
      by Lindsey Porter and John Williams, Porter Publishing, 128pp b/w photos ISBN 1-899238-03-4
  • Modern Military Land Rovers In Colour 1971-1994
      by James Taylor and Bob Morrison. Window Green Automotive. c.1994, 128pp, ISBN 1-85915-026-8
  • Ninety, One Ten, Land Rover LSM 2054AB (ed 6)
      Land Rover, c.1984, 118pp, ISBN 1-85520-2336
  • The Off-Road Four-Wheel-Drive Book
      Jack Jackson, Haynes Publishing Group
  • The Off-Road and Four Wheel Drive Handbook: The Essential Owners Guide
      by Nigel Fryatt. MRP, c.1988, 184pp b/w photos, ISBN 0-947981026-8
  • Petes 1st Book Land Rover Laughs
  • Petes 2nd Book Land Rover Laughs
  • Petes 4th Book Land Rover Laughs
  • Practical Classics & Car Restorer on Land Rover Restoration [Series I]
      (reprints from Practical Classics by Brooklands
      71pp b/w photos, ISBN 1-869826-124
  • Prototype Land Rover Report
  • Range Rover 1970 - 86
      James Taylor
  • Range Rover Collectors Guide series, 2nd edition
      J. Taylor
  • Range Rover Conversions
      N. Dimbleby, Haynes Publishing Group
  • Range Rover Gold Portfolio 1970 - 92
      - Road & comparison tests, buying 2nd hand, new models, turbo diesel, Vogue Autos, Technical data, et cetera
  • The Range Rover Land-Rover
      by Graham Robson, David & Charles Inc, Vermont, USA, copyright 1979,1985
      ISBN 0-7153-8786-3
      196pp, B/W photos.
      "Quite readable book, covers Land-Rover (and Range Rover) history from the very beginning until late seventies."
  • Special Service Tools for Land Rover & Range Rover, 54 pages
      Land Rover Ltd. Publications
  • Tuning Rover V8 Engines
      by David Hardcastle, c.1993, 199pp b/w photos, ISBN 0-85429-933-5
  • Winching in Safety
      Land Rover Ltd. Publications
  • Working in the Wild (Africa Manual)
      Land Rover Ltd. Publications
      Publications No: SMR 684 MI
      c. 1989
      1998 pp. b/w illistrations
  • Videos (US format)
    • The Land Rover File Library 1: "Anything you can do"
        Heritary Motion Films, c.1993, colour and b/w, ~53 minuntes
    • Camel Trophy '88: Sulawesi (Indonesia)

        Video Broadcast Production. c.1988 60min

    Land Rover Book and Video Reviews

    Land Rover was designed from the start as a multi-purpose vehicle, but none could have guessed what a success it would remain fifty years later let alone the number of books and videos that it would prompt the production of. Below are a selection of b ook and video reviews that have appeared in various Land Rover club newsletters

    If you are interested in reviewing a book or movie, send the review to Dixon Kenner or T.F. Mills. After reviewing the review, the review will be incorporated into the FAQ. Dixon and Todd might also be interested in printing it in the newsletters that they edit.

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