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101" FC: Technical Information

    General Arrangement for 12 and 24 volt models
    Overall length, fully equipped 4330 mm 170.5 in
    Overall length, basic stripped 4217 mm 166 in
    Overall height, to top of windscreen 2138 mm 84 in
    Overall height, over hood (GS model) 2283 mm 90 in
    Wheelbase 2565 mm 101 in
    Track (distance between wheels), front 1524 mm 60 in
    Track (distance between wheels), rear 1549 mm 61 in
    Length of body (load bed) 2491 mm 98 in
    Width of body (load bed) 1720 mm 67.75 in
    Overall width 1842 mm 72.5 in
    Turning circle 11.3 m 37 ft
    Minimum ground clearance under axles 254 mm 10 in


    Description 12 volt 24 volt
    Unladen: coolant, oil, 24 gallons fuel 1924 kg 1940 kg
    Front axle 1138 kg 1187 kg
    Rear axle 723 kg 753 kg
    Laden: Maximum approved gross loaded 3651 kg 3652 kg
    Maximum front axle 1846 kg
    Maximum rear axle 1910 kg

    Average safe speed cross-country (laden) 20-30 km/h (12-18 mph)
    depending upon terrain
    Maximum gradient climbable (dry concrete) Greater than 60%
    Range of action, road 545 km (340 miles)
    Range of action, cross-country 320 km (200 miles)
    Fuel consumption target road 20 liters/100 km (14.2 mpg)
    Fuel consumption target cross-country 35 liters/100 km (8 mpg)
    Net power/gross wt ratio 38.8 kw/tonne (52 bhp/ton)
    Maximum tractive effort top gear
    and high transfer engaged (100 per cent efficiency)
    1002 n/tonne (229 lb/ton)
    Maximum tractive effort bottom gear
    and low transfer engaged (100 per cent efficiency)
    14730 n/tonne (3365 lb/ton)
    Wheel type Steel, well base
    Tyre size 900 x 16

    Tyre pressure
    Road conditions Front 1.9 kg/cm2 28 lb/sq in
    Rear 2.5 kg/cm2 35 lb/sq in
    Cross Country Front 1.4 kg/cm2 21 lb/sq in
    Rear 1.4 kg/cm2 21 lb/sq in

    Type Gasoline V8, 8.5:1 CR
    Bore 88.90 mm 3.500 in
    Stroke 71.12 mm 2.800 in
    Cylinder capacity 3528 cc 215 cu in
    Minimum bhp at clutch (net)
    @ 5000 rpm
    12 volt 120 bhp
    24 volt 116 bhp
    Minimum torque at clutch (net)
    @ 2500 rpm
    12 volt 261.9 kg/m
    176 lb-ft
    24 volt 252.9 kg/m
    170 lb-ft
    Valve Timing (Peak) Exhaust 105.5 BTDC
    Inlet 112.5 BTDC

    Firing Order 1, 8, 4, 3, 6, 5, 7, 2
    Contact breaker gap (points) 0.35 to 40 mm (0.014 to 0.016 in)
    Spark Plug Gap 0.60 mm (0.025 in)
    Ignition timing @ 600 rpm
    (Static and dynamic)
    85 Octane TDC
    91-93 Octane 3 degrees BTDC
    12 volt Distributer Lucas type 35 D8-G
    Dwell angle 26-28 @ 600 rpm
    Coil Lucas type 16c6
    Spark Plugs Champion L92 Y 14mm with suppressors
    Supressor 10,000 to 15,000 ohm
    (spark plug cables)
    24 volt Distributer Lucas twin leverl concentric contact breaker (Screened)
    Coil Lucas type 5C10
    Spark Plugs Screened and waterproofed
    Champion RSL 92Y 14 mm

    Fuel System
    Fuel Pump Electric, in tank
    Carburetters Two Zenith 175 CD 2S
    Carburetter Needle 2AY
    Idle Speed 600 rpm
    Air Cleaner AC Cyclone paper filter element
    228.6mm (9 in)
    Filter Sediment bowl and element type

    Single dry plate with diaphragm spring center
    266 m (10.5 in)
    Borg and Beck

    Single helical constant mech with syncro-mesh on all forward speeds
    Top (4th) Gear Direct
    3rd Gear 1.50:1
    2nd Gear 2.44:1
    1st Gear 4.06:1
    Reverse 3.66:1

    Transfer Box
    Two speed reduction on main gearbox output
    High/Low lever, cable operated, and differential lock switch vacuum control
    High Range 1.174:1
    Low Range 3.321:1

    Ratio 5.57:1
    Front Differential Hypoid Bevel, Salisbury 8 HS
    Front Wheel Drive Enclosed constant velocity joints
    Rear Differential Hypoid Bevel, Salisbury 8 HA
    Fully-floating shafts

    Overall drive Ratios High Range Low Range
    Top (4th) 6.54:1 18.5:1
    3rd 9.85:1 27.8:1
    2nd 16.01:1 45.3:1
    1st 26.60:1 75.0:1
    Reverse 24.00:1 67.0:1

    Type Girling hydraulic, by leading and trailing shoes on the rears and twin leading shoes on the fronts
    Total Lining area, front 775 sq. cm (120 sq. in.)
    Total Lining area, rear 640 sq. cm (99.5 sq. in.)
    Brake Drum Diameter 280 mm (11 in)
    Brake Apportioning
    Valve Clearance
    0.050 mm (0.002 in)
    Hand Brake Type Lockheed Duo-Servo drum brake on transfer box output shaft
    Hand Brake
    Total Lining Area
    195 sq. cm (30.2 sq. in.)
    Hand Brake Drum Diameter 184 mm (7.25 in)

    Type Burman re-circulating
    Gear ratio-variable Straight Ahead 23.3:1
    Full Lock 25.7:1
    Steering Wheel Diameter 406 mm 16 in.
    Front Wheel toe-out 1.2 to 2.4 mm 3/64 to 3/32 in.
    Camber Angle 1.5 degrees
    Castor Angle 1 degrees
    Swivel pin inclination 7 degrees
    Steering Wheel
    Free Movement
    16 mm 5/8 in

    Road Springs Semi-slliptic taper leaf
    Hydraulic dampers Telescopic, non-adjustable

    Electrical Equipment, 12 Volt
    System 12 Volt negative earth
    Battery type Lucas CB 13/9
    Battery Capacity 63 a/h
    Alternator Lucas type 16 ACR (34 amp)
    Control box Integral with alternator
    Starter Lucas 3M 100 sealed
    Fuse box 35 amp cartridge type

    Electrical Equipment, 24 Volt
    System 24 volt negative earth with rectified AC generating system
    Battery Type Oldham UK 2HN
    Battery Voltage 24 volt -- two 12 volt in series
    Battery Capacity 57 a/h
    Generator AC 90/5, 90 amp
    Generator Panel No. 9 Mk 3. FV546131
    Starter Lucas 3M 100 sealed
    Fuse box 35 amp cartridge type
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