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NAS Defender VINs

'95 Defender 90 Station Wagons

  • 510 imported to the US by Land Rover North America. None were imported to Canada
  • The numbering is a little screwy. When the owner of LRNA/04 first bought the Defender, it had a blank number plate. Then LRNA stamped \"LRNA/04\" on the blank plate. By #40 they were marked #40/500 and so on to #500. I don't know which D90 Station Wagon was the transition between LRNA/# and #/500. I also don't know if #1 through 3 still have blank plates or not.
  • Colors: Alpine White, Coniston Green, or Arles Blue with White hard top
  • MSRP: $32,000

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Currently, 509 Defenders of this type are listed.
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