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NAS Defender VIN Registry
93 D110 NAS
94&95 D90 NAS
94 RA930032 - RA935628
94 RA935637 - RA940240
94 RA940242 - RA943002
95 SA969775 - SA972778
97 D90
97 D90 Willow Grn
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NAS Defender VINs

'94 and '95 Defender 90s (NAS)

  • Each is supposed to have a number stamped on a plate on the right rear panel between 1 and about 3149. Four were brought in specially with non-standard colors and at least one didn't have it's number stamped on it. Numbers 1 to 10 were marked as LRNA/1 to LRNA/10 (exception #8 was just #8). A few numbers were never issued.
  • Land Rover North America reports 1,468 sold in 1994, 1,571 sold in 1995 (though about 70 were D90 Station Wagons), giving a total of 2,969.
  • LRNA imported the following D90s
      1994: 1943 US
      1994: 87 Canadian
      1995: 1191 US
      Total: 3221
  • Standard colors were Portifino Red, Conniston Green, Beluga Black, Alpine White, AA yellow and (1994 only) Arles Blue.
  • In 1994 there were only 100 Beluga Black models all had leather Seats, A-Bar, Running Boards, rear seat and surrey top as standard features
  • 47 1994 Soft Tops were converted to prototype Station Wagon models. Reportedly at least 37 were Coniston Green, 2 Arles Blue and 1 Alpine White. All 47 have VINs between (and including) RA939334 and RA945393. In January 2002 LRNA stated that there were 65 of these and all were Coniston Green.
  • 1994 MSRP was $27,900 and in 1995 is was $28,650
  • One 1994 and two or three 1995s are reported to have been imported by LR Hess Rafz, CH and are in Switzerland (as of 11/97)
  • A number have been bought back by LRNA under lemon laws. A '95 Beluga Black (VIN unknown) has been reported to be one.
  • LRNA numbers roughly correspond to build order but that is not always true. In the Registry each vehicle is listed in build order.

1994 RA930032 to RA935628 (LRNA1 to LRNA10, #1 to #450 and CDN #1 to CDN #37)
1994 RA935637 to RA940240 (#451 to #921, #1123 to #1133, and CDN #38 to CDN #58)
1994 RA940242 to RA943002 (#922 to #1403 and CDN #58 to CDN #87)
1994 RA943009 to RA948059 (#1404 to #1950)
1994 RA948153 to SA960992 (#1953 to #2425)
1995 SA961019 to SA969761 (#2426 to #2930)
1995 SA969775 to SA972778 (#2931 to #3158)

Currently, 3222 Defenders of this type are listed.
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