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I'm in montreal and looking for a good place to buy a restored Defender 110. I was hoping you might recommend a good shop in Ontario or Quebec . I'm looking for a five door Defender 110 with galvanized frame, 2.5L TDI, R380, Heat, A/C, etc.


What are you looking to spend?

A restored truck like that will sell for $80,000 to $100,000 in USD. And I'm not sure for that much if they have galvy frames. Land Rover imported 535 D110s to North America in 1993. 510 to the US and 25 to Canada . Many of the Canadian ones have been sold to people in the US. Since these are so rare, the prices have been kept insanely high. If any of these trucks have seen salt, they are getting full rebuilds with new frames, bulkheads, etc. While they are doing the rebuilds people are replacing the engines with TDIs or 4.6 V8s (all NAS D110s had 3.9 V8s from the factory). I regularly see 1993 D110s from $40,000 USD and up, but the lower end will have significant issues. If you are looking for a restored D110 and money is not an issue, contact Copley Motors in Boston or East Coast Rovers in Maine .

If you find a D110 that is not part of the 1993 NAS batch than it is likely that the truck is x-Military. They may or many not have been restored. These will probably be in the $10,000 to $20,000 range in CDN dollars, but are probably 3 door models and are likely in un-restored condition. A few non-militaries have been imported over time by private citizens from the UK . These have to be at least 15 years old you you are looking at 1991 or earlier models.

To find a LR, poke around the web. You might find them in eBay or Just recently some club members bought two 110s (3 doors, x-MOD diesels) from somewhere in QC, but I don't know where.

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