Land Rover Series II 109 Coachbuilder's Drawing

Click on the image for a much larger (4000x2848px 1.75mb) version

These images were provided by Bill Leacock to Alan Richer:

"Alan, 2 score years ago I worked on another continent for a company that in addition to making everything from washing machines to aircraft also made a Land Rover conversion. One day someone threw an old print at me with some kind of comment to the effect that I would need it in a few years when the chassis of my Land Rover rotted away. I knew I had it somewhere in the boxes of stuff we imported when moving to the US 15 years ago. I stumbled across it recently when looking for something else.
I guess it is still copyrighted until 2014, but since the Rover Company is no longer in existence I guess the ownership might be complex."

53mb version

43mb version

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